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6 figure earnings report — $121,760 over the last 9 months. All with local SEO. Life is good. Back to work! Gotta hit $100k in a month soon.

David Hood
I started this program with absolutely zero knowledge on web stuff or SEO! In less than 2 months, I have built 3 working websites. Been able to rank one site on page 3 with the others climbing AND I already have my first monthly client! This IS the real deal. Usable info every webinar AND there is hours and hours of webinars in the members area!!! Thank you!

Don Quincy
Ok all here it is. My October Earnings Report. My best month ever, we JUST crossed $25,000/month 🙂 This is very special one for me and Tenille Johnson for a couple of reasons. 1.) We quit our REAL jobs exactly 12 months ago and we were making a combined salary of $105,000/year at those jobs. But with this months earnings report, we hit $105,000 in earnings this year so far! We’re going to BLOW past our real job incomes because we still have two months to go, and we are growing! 2.) We just moved from Canada to Phoenix, AZ for the second winter in a row, because we can. And in spite of the 3 days drive & one week spent house hunting which really took us away from our business, we achieved our best month ever! So there you have it…. TWENTY FIVE EFFING THOUSAND DOLLARS IN ONE MONTH!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me!?!?!?!?!? Nope 😉

Herc Magnus

I just had a client pay me $2,600 in cash. I remember when I was waiting tables, the biggest tip I ever made was about $60 and at the time that felt like a lot of money. I’m amazed at how much I’ve gained from this program and I’m so grateful for everything the coaches here have to offer.

Erick Garcia
I miss you all so much!! Thank you Joseph Marfoglio and Gregory Ortiz who knew that I’m about to share but waited for me to share. I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Breast Cancer. Rocked my world and my family. Today is the first day in months that I’m feeling more like myself! I would also like to thank you coaches for teaching me how to build a solid business because I’m averaging 6-10 hours a week now (because of the rough chemo I’m on.) but my business is still thriving. In the last 30 days I’ve made $76,460.00!!!!!! I just cried because God knew that this day was going to come and I was going to need a business that could produce this type of income for me.

Jayme Washington
What’s up gang! Since joining the program a few weeks ago, I have been sitting on the sidelines watching, learning and applying. I’ve gone through most of the SEO training and client acquisition materials and boy have I learned so much. In the past week or so I closed $8,700 in SEO sales which is recurring. I have another $6,000 in SEO money coming in this week, currently finalising the paper work with the client. I also have several meetings lined up with several high end $2k+ plus clients. Being part of the group has empowered me to share my stats to help motivate others as they have motivated me and also to hold myself accountable to keep working hard in the business. A big thank you to all! Lets get that money $-)

Eman Bahrani

I FINALLY crossed that $30k/month mark in affiliate commissions in the month of May. This has been a long time goal of mine so it feels great to finally achieve it. Most of the jobs I’ve ever had have barely paid me over $1000/month BEFORE taxes…so over $1000/day is quite an improvement 🙂

Greg Jeffries
*** Income Report *** Today I closed my best deal so far and now I’m at 7k/month after 6 months in the program. Things are really going fast and I can’t thank all of the coaches enough. Joseph Marfoglio, Greg Morrison, all of this thanks to you! This doubles my income as when I worked as a web developer. My mindset was already here when I started, and now it’s materializing! THANK YOU for helping me achieve this. #CityOnAHill

Oliver Cartea
#2 in a Major city! (site seems to be bouncing around) Thank you coaches! Other big news: we just closed on a home (my wife’s small-home dream house); took in $3600 of recurring income from new clients for July ($1850 Paypal, $1750 checks); I am speaking with a new lead from LinkedIn on Monday (connected after the first touch/connection); I joined the chamber of commerce in my town, ran into the VP of the CoC, chatted a bit and then I pitched social wifi for the grocery store shopping center we were in and she loved the idea, so we’ve set a time to talk further (I hope to pitch them for the whole downtown strip 30+ businesses). And now I pack up to take a week vacation with the family! #ownyourlife

Garrett Pfarr


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