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"I Laughed When I First Heard About Artificial Intelligence…
.... But Then I Saw How Quickly My Friends Were Making Money With It."
I’m going to let you in on a rarely talked about SECRET. There are people out there selling this new concept of Artificial Intelligence not even understanding how to harness its TRUE POWER…They are secretly selling these products but just regurgitating already existing FREE CONTENT…
This is exactly what happened with me- I was at the end of the rope learning how to utilize this tool until I found THIS. You're about to discover the RARELY SPOKEN ABOUT APPS And PROCESSES that have changed the fortunes of not only me but also individuals and people who are in our HIGHEST LEVEL MASTERMIND.


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and how hundreds upon hundreds of people just like you are using this same technology so they can FINALLY get started building the life that they truly want all by using a simple technology to help them!
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From the Desk of Greg Morrison:
My story is very common...

I'd heard all the buzz and the hype surrounding a tool called, "Chat GPT."

I was anxious and hopeful.

Could this be as good as it was being praised?

I'd heard and read in countless message boards, news feeds, and even in the local news.

But as I sat at my desk and tried to decipher just how to use it to make money online...


How to further help I gain back all that extra time I'd been spending researching, learning, and over-analyzing?

Things got more and more confusing.

And pretty soon I'd just been overwhelmed by the not-so-terrific results I was seeing when I tried to yield this POWERFUL tool.
  • I felt defeated.
  • And often deflated
  • I was about to throw in the towel.
"Why the hell did this even matter?" I thought.

I'm already pretty successful at what I do.

I don't need this tool to do anything.

At the same time, I just couldn't quite understand. How in the hell were others having so much success?

If I"m having trouble using it... how the hell can I help the members of our group?

And as I contemplated and thought about this the unimaginable happened...

But BEFORE I Get Into That... Let me introduce myself:
In case you don't know me my name is Greg Morrison, and I'm an entrepreneur just like you.

I've always been fascinated with making money online; and even though I'm successful now... I struggled for a very long time.

And if you're struggling too... Trust me. I've been there.

I've tried it ALL

...and when you're trying to create your very first business or grow your existing business online, it can be a TON of work and very stressful.

It took me decades of HARD work and struggle to make a full-time income online and secure the financial freedom I've always dreamed of.

I remember the times of uncertainty in frustration...

I remember having to work as a blackjack dealer while learning Search Engine Optimization just to make ends meet...

My girlfriend at the time was having my first baby. And boy times were tough.

I remember having to work extra hours and live an unhealthy lifestyle all to just make sure I was prepared to be a dad (very emotional day for me) I needed to have something better for my son to be born into...

...I felt defeated

...I felt embarrassed

...and I felt terrified that I could potentially let my family down.

But things started to change:

You see... after attending a TON of boot camps, masterminds, and conferences and investing thousands of dollars into personal development and education, I finally had a breakthrough.

I made my first real profitable business online, and it felt amazing!

But... I worked hard for that

Like 80 hours per week. Every single week. No breaks. No vacations. No free time.

I had to piece together all the information myself. And that was difficult.

But let's fast-forward to where I am now! Today I'm making way MORE money with way LESS work and with LESS time.


By putting together everything I learned and applying it to help others.

And by listening to those around me. Something that became even more powerful for me when I started my very own high-level mastermind.

What I've learned in just one meetup has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me!

I did the same things to build my SEO and Affiliate businesses from scratch!
I found the right mentors... the people who were doing the things they were teaching and had TRUE success.

PROVEN coaches and mentors changed my life!

Some of those mentors were my very own STUDENTS!

You see, if you have mentors that have already done the things you want to do, you can learn from their successes and failures... they'll show you the right moves to make. And then it's no longer difficult!

They'll sort through all the noise.

My mentors have helped me to develop systems for myself to build insanely profitable businesses with very little upfront investment.

The only problem with that system is that it required a GREAT DEAL of time and MONEY to execute.

I was now a slave to my business!

...and at some point, I realized having the right mentors was only half the battle. The other half was about being at the right place at the right time. And of course some secret sauce. Once I put all the pieces together it truly changed everything...

but more on what the secret sauce is later...

NOW! Back to my story...
  • Sometimes divine intervention steps in.
  • I was nervous, I'm not sure why.
  • Maybe it's because most of these people paid tens of thousands of dollars to come meet me and my fellow coaches.
  • A knot formed inside my stomach as I walked to the conference room on Day One.
  • I kept saying in my mind...
  • "Relax Greg, It's cake. Just pretend like it's another over-the-shoulder training. You'll be fine."
  • Yet doubts still crept into my thoughts.
  • "This isn't what you normally do."
  • "You're too old school to make this work buddy. Give up now."
  • I felt like a noob again.
  • All the old demons I'd faced decades ago tormenting me once again, and telling me why I couldn't do things.
  • They all came back to visit me.
  • I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. And I'm a VETERAN.
  • I can't imagine having to be new at ALL THIS and sort through all the BS.
  • As I sat through day one things dissipated.
  • I felt better and better as time rolled on.
  • And it felt good to see that people were genuinely absorbing the content being presented like sponges.
  • They seemed to be enjoying themselves.
  • As we neared THE END that's when something divine stepped in...
"The more you LEARN, the more you EARN."
- Warren Buffet
Little did I know that my life would never be the same...
As the final hour crept up on us, I felt a sense of satisfaction.

I was like a proud father. I began shutting off the voice in my head and my chest slowly puffed out.

Everything seemed to go well.

I felt relief. I was even finally able to sit.

A huge change from pacing back and forth the entire event.

And in the final hour, something had me at the edge of my seat.

It was a presentation...

By none other than Josh Beechcraft. A coach in our program.

He had earned a coaching spot the good ol fashion hard way.

By committing a relentless amount of hours just out of the goodness of his heart.

And now he sat here speaking about the very thing I had already condemned to an imaginary grave in the computer scraps pile.

I had said I was done with AI.

I had cursed it into oblivion and locked it away in a dusty old tomb.

We were finished...
$600k By Using Chat GPT As A Side Hustle?
That was the title of the video.

After the mastermind and the presentation that would change my 2023...

I got back to reality.

Business, time, and responsibilities got in the way.

While I full-heartedly planned to spend more of my time trying to harness the power of AI...

Life got in the way.

I'd somehow put it on the back burner.

As we so often do.

Then one day as I scrolled through YouTube just to get a feel for the pulse of social media.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

There it was staring back at me hard and cold.

The title of the video was...
The Easiest AI Side Hustle You Can Start Today! ($600K+)

And while to be honest, I didn't have to even watch the video.

I began to get bombarded with several more like it.

The point was...

It was never about the video or the claim that it made.

It was just fate reminding me of what I needed to do.

It was no longer about me.

It was about me learning how to do this so I could be a model for others.

If I could learn this...


Plus it didn't sit well when I spoke to my good friend Joe Marfoglio who had just told me he'd made a site in FIVE MINUTES.

"How the hell did Joe get this and I didn't." I slowly nodded and shook my head in disappointment at myself.

It was about to get real.

So, I did what any logical human being would do.

I called Josh and asked him for help.

I took control of my destiny...
My desire to have more INTENSE results deepened.

The primary reason I wanted this so badly wasn't necessarily the money.

But let's face it...

An extra ten thousand in your pocket a month never hurt anyone!

The issue was that there were only so many hours in the day and she had grown of tired having to do all of the work. 

Not only was I having content produced for me, but I was still doing the bulk of the work.

Keyword research, content ideas, and researching tirelessly to find an easier way.

That’s when I was introduced to Josh's system, a savvy no-nonsense approach to how to wield the power of the sword (Chat GPT).

I'd had quite a bit of success not only for himself but his clients and friends.

On her first conversation over the phone, I found myself hooked.

He gave me a simple yet easy plan that they had helped dozens of other people with. 

“You’re doing it all wrong,” Josh said. He'd encouraged me to look at only certain resources.

"Stop paying attention to all the noise. Just pay attention to this and you'll be fine."

I pushed through and with steady consistent work, I began to see results.

Within the first 30 days, I began getting the hang of things. 

Having this sudden newfound success got me more inspired than ever.

It was like a new fire had been lit inside me.

Something that I hadn't felt for a very long time.

I knew how this now worked and I was hopeful for a brighter future with more time on my hands.

Now the only question was...

How do help others decipher through all the mess...

"So What Exactly Was It That Josh Taught Me And More Importantly How Can You Get Your Hands On It TOO! 🤗"

With a simple plan, I was able to execute and do things I'd never imagined possible...
And it's important to note that I do not have a technological bone in my body.

Hell, I'd barely even graduated high school.


And you know what they say about an old dog... "You can't teach him new tricks."

Yet here I was embarking upon what I thought to be one of the most difficult journey's I'd ever undergone.

But yet I was still able to power through and grasp these simple concepts quickly and easily.

Josh had given me what he'd learned through months and months of trial and error...

In bitesize digestible pieces.

To not overwhelm me.

And at first, although I was skeptical and worried that maybe I just wasn't cut out to get all this stuff.

Eventually... it all began to make SENSE!

It didn't cost me a fraction of what I thought it would.

Time was now on my side.

Best of all I was at on the ground floor.

We were only just getting started with this new technology.  There's no telling where I could be in terms of money made and time saved.

And in a minute I'll tell you how you too can get in on this game changing opportunity at it's infancy.

But more on that in a minute...

So, what exactly is this Groundbreaking Online Mentoring AI Community that completely changed both mine and Josh's destiny and skyrocketed our available time and money 2x?
It's the Secrets Discovered by hundreds of average people for a way to make money online... It's Intelligent Affiliate SEO
What is Intelligent Affiliate SEO?
The Intelligent Affiliate SEOs are...

Greg and Josh's in person training that has been replicated into an online format... and quite honestly, it DWARFS the original intimate and exclusive training in every way.

Rather than a 2 day event, Intelligent Affiliate SEO is 10 Full Modules of Online Mentoring jam packed with value delivered by TWO PROVEN coaches with PROVEN results and PROVEN strategies. And you never know what surprise Coaches might show up!

Using their methods, you’ll no longer have to spends tens of thousands of dollars or take on a dead business model!

In the Intelligent Affiliate SEO, they will show you their EXACT framework and tactics that they are using and that has allowed them to build their SEO and Affiliate empires in order to secure lifelong financial freedom and prosperity!

Whether you have any experience or not, the Intelligent Affiliate SEO will show you precisely how to quickly follow processes, then take those processes and turn execute them on your profile or other profiles in order to realize your financial goals!

Best of all they'll show you how to turn these up a notch thanks to the power of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!

Isn't it time you experience the lifestyle you've always dreamed of and financial freedom you deserve?

No matter if you’re a complete beginner that doesn't know where to start or a seasoned veteran that is tired of coming up with their own ideas... Intelligent Affiliate SEO is the PERFECT program for you!

That's because Intelligent Affiliate SEO shows you step-by-step how REAL Artificially Intelligent marketers with REAL success are creating or expanding upon their Affiliate and SEO empires.

The Intelligent Affiliate SEO program is the UNSTOPPABLE weapon in your back pocket that will give you the Overwhelming Advantage you've been looking for!
Here Are Just a FEW of the Amazing Things You're Getting Access to Inside Intelligent Affiliate SEO:
 10 Modules of in Depth Training for all of the Intelligent Affiliate SEO community to benefit from! All-out lessons from Josh, Greg and the Gang, carefully prepared for you and delivered with Q&A answered in the Facebook group!
24/7 Members Area Access so that you can learn at your own pace. Have another job and want to take it slow? Or would you rather get through the content ASAP? Access your content whenever and wherever you'd like, no restrictions!
 Don't know how to do Affiliate Marketing? No problem! Your Proven mentor Greg Morrison is taking you behind the scenes of his affiliate empire and showing you how the does things.  He'll  get you up to speed in no time flat! This way you can build YOUR SITE or and start making affiliate deals immediately.
 Don't have a site yet? NO PROBLEM We've got you covered! Either start from scratch and create your own with our tips and tricks or  Buy one to get started quickly... We'll give you advice on set one up or buy one!
 The Exclusive Ultimate SEO BASICS strategy explained in detail... Learn the EXACT model that takes sites from ZERO to HERO and took tens of thousands of dollars in spend to discover! This will shave MONTHS off of your learning curve and save you a TON of money. You only have to pay attention to this!
The ONLY APPS you have to pay attention to to achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS... Josh has spent Tens of thousands of dollars finding the perfect apps to run your business.
 Behind the Scenes of an ACTUAL Affiliate Site Created: The site you'll be seeing was created just to make a course for you... we're REALLY building an Affiliate site over the shoulder all through the use of AI!
 Greg's Tested and True SEO backlinks that you'll use to help your site rank. These are 100% already vetted by GREG. 
...and SO MUCH MORE that's so cutting edge, so exclusive and so juicy that we can't reveal it here - it's just TOO Powerful. If you want to find out more, you're going to have to jump inside!
Plus... When You Sign Up Today, Here are the Action Packed Modules You'll Gain Access To!
 Module 1 Introduction to Affiliate Marketing and SEO. Learn the proven strategies that WORK IN BOTH Affiliate Marketing and SEO. With this information not only will you be armed and dangerous. But you'll also have access to an even more powerful weapon called "Artificial Intelligence."
 Module 2 Explore AI and it's role in SEO. Even if you've never even EXPLORED AI before we'll get you up to speed in no time in this module... Now you can get on the right foot without wasting time. By the end of this you'll be ready to go go go!
 Module 3 Essential SEO Concepts and Tools. We're sharing Greg's unique and QUICK AND EASY approach to learning SEO so you can get a fast start on creating perfectly optimized websites.
 Module 4 AI and Keyword Research. Save Yourself HOURS and HOURS of time and ethically steal Josh's tactics and strategies for getting all the right lists of keywords by using AI.
 Module 5 AI for Content Optimization. If you absolutely can't stand content creation... This takes all the headaches associated with it out of the equation.  Create seamless content with just a couple of magic words and clicks.
 Module 6 AI in Link Building and Off-Page SEO.  Receive all the scoop on just how to do this by using the help of AI.  You'll not only gain support from AI but also support from Josh and team on how to make this as easy as a few button clicks.
 Module 7 Performance Tracking and Reporting with AI. This module will teach you how to track your metrics automatically. You'll  learn how to have reports available at your disposal that will unveil insights you might not have seen with the naked "human" eye.
 Module 8 Applying AI to Affiliate SEO. In this module you'll learn how to "warp sped" your affiliate marketing training. And learn from previous lessons and the insights from the coaches. All taught by a man who's earned millions and millions of affiliate dollars!
 Module 9 Future Trends in AI and SEO.  EVOLUTION is necessary if you're going to continue to sharpen all your tools you need this module. In this special training you'll learn where to look for the lowdown on what's coming and what's worthwhile. Josh will show you the very tools he uses to find this information and the trends he sees coming already.
 Module 10 Course Recap and Conclusion. This is only the beginning. Once you've arrived at this step you're fully armed and dangerous opportunies will be ready for you. You'll have all the knowledge needed to conquer AI and make money.
The Intelligent Affiliate SEO - which will continue to exist forever - is priced as an Extremely Affordable, yet top-tier coaching program. Remember that just a 2 day event with either of these guys is going to cost at least $12,500.. This program is a 10 module rendition of those trainings and will deliver significantly more value to you in an online community of like minded people. Containing all of the content and bonuses described above, the Intelligent Affiliate SEO is ONLY a single Investment of $997 for a limited time.
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What Some of Our One on One Training Graduates and Agency Clients Had to Say...
Is the Intelligent Affiliate SEO Right for Me?
  •  Are you new to AI but you've  had some success online, and now you're looking to grow your business and take it to the next level with cutting edge AI secrets and REAL answers from REAL professionals?
  •  Are you a beginner who's struggling to get your business off the ground... and you're not quite sure what's missing. Do you want answers to how to REALLY start?
  •  Are you stuck in a dead end 9 to 5 job and are ready to start your online career and turn it into a reality so you can Finally stick it to your boss and live the life you've always dreamed of?
  •  Are you someone who KNOWs you're made for more... but you're not quite sure where to start or how to get started making a full time income online so you can be Financially Free?
If so, then the Intelligent Affiliate SEO is a PERFECT fit for you!

No matter your race, your sex, where you live in the world, how old or young you are (18 years or older), how you were raised, your ethnicity, your current income, your technical skills, your precious experiences or ANY other factors... 

...Intelligent Affiliate SEO gives you a Massive Advantage by showing you the Framework of a POWERFUL and PROVEN system for generating more money online and integrating Artificial Intelligence to help you do it in half the time- whether you are starting completely from scratch, or have a business you want to scale up!
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